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Success During a Pandemic: 8 Ways to Crush it in Your Business

Living through a pandemic is new for anyone alive in 2020. It’s a new, scary experience that none of us have the skills or expertise to navigate but here we are several months later still existing.

Life goes on and businesses still need to operate while the pandemic rages on. Though it can be stressful to try and be productive in the world we’re living in, there are things we can do to go from merely existing to thriving in our new normal.

As the dust settles and we all try to find coping mechanisms to advance in a new world, here are some steps you can take to not only keep your business afloat right now but to truly crush it and be successful during a pandemic.

1. Visualize Your Business in Today’s World

It’s important for you to maintain a vision of what your business looks like in our new normal. Get specific about your financial goals, how your business will operate in our current society, and how your industry is changing. How will you position yourself in the life of your customer now that society has changed? What does your new work day look like? How will you market your business and remain profitable?

2. Redevelop Your Business Strategy

Your business strategy is what guides your actions and decisions on a day-to-day basis. In order to reach your business goals and remain competitive during a pandemic, you will need to revisit your strategy and develop new ways and means to remain profitable and come out successful on the other side of this.

This is a good thing. The pandemic is forcing us to look at new and innovative ways to operate in every industry and if your business can find ways to remain competitive and relevant then you have the advantage over those trying to use old strategies in a new world.

3. Systemize Your Business

Putting the right business systems in place will help you to streamline and scale your business. Business systems guide the process of what happens day-to-day and means your business can run without you.

It also means that when you’re not in the mental capacity to think creatively, you still have the proper systems in place to guide your actions. You won’t suffer mental and physical burnout because you’ll know what to do in your business without much thought. Things become automatic and processes become smoother.

This is important to keep your customers engaged and to ensure that communication flows smoothly. They’ll never be left wondering if you’re still operating through the pandemic and will be confident that you remain open and available to serve their needs.

4. Digitize Your Business

This has become even more important in our current climate. What aspects of your business can you move online? Perhaps you can create an app or mobile website to make the ordering and delivery process easier. Or maybe you can host online conferences and consultations instead of in-person meetings. Think of all aspects of your business that required physical presence in the past and innovate ways to make this a virtual experience.

5. Reorganize Your Product Offerings

Now is a good time to take stock of all your product and service offerings to make them more relevant to today’s climate. Focus on your most profitable and appropriate product offering to keep your business streamlined.

6. Prioritize Service

Go above and beyond for your clients right now to assure them that they are important to your business. As you market your products, be cognizant of the fact that our world is changing and reassure them that you’re in this with them too.Think of ways to catch their heart, make a lasting impression and show them that you care.

7. Sympathize with Your Customers

Some of your customers may have lost their jobs, homes, family members or friends or have caught the virus themselves and are now suffering from depreciated health. Be aware of this as you market yourself. Find ways to connect with your customers and let them know that you care and you are ready to serve them should they have that need.

8. Customize Your Products

You may need to customize your product offering to the needs of today. This may mean different things for your business, like putting in new sanitation stations and protocols, moving some product offerings online exclusively, partnering with more delivery services or changing locations to allow for better social distancing.

Focusing on these 8 critical steps to business success will help you to build and maintain a profitable business while finding balance in your life.

It’s important that we be kind to ourselves. Give yourself grace and remember that you too are experiencing a pandemic, just like your customers. It’s OK to be fearful right now but it's not OK to do nothing. The world still needs your talent and your services. Tweaking your business this way helps you to crush it in business and soften the blows of the pandemic to your business and your customers.

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