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How to Create B.O.M.B. Visual Content for Your Brand

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

How can you quickly capture your audience’s attention, engage them with your brand and turn them into raving fans? With BOMB visual content!

In our fast-paced world, it has become increasingly important to create standout visual content that has the ability to capture your audience’s attention in a literal blink of an eye. The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text and studies show that presentations with visual aids were 43% more effective at persuading an audience than those that lacked superb visual content.

So what does this mean for you?

It’s time to start creating B.O.M.B. visual content for your business. Stop your audience in their tracks. Interrupt their mindless scrolling with images so amazing they have no choice but to pay attention to what you’re presenting on their timeline, in their social feeds, in their inbox or as they browse the internet aimlessly.

It’s widely known that our attention span is decreasing as we consume more and more content from multiple sources but the good news is that it only takes us 13 milliseconds to see and retain an image. This means you have tons of opportunities to create a strong and lasting brand presence with spectacular imagery that tells your unique story.

So how do you create B.O.M.B. visuals that light your brand on fire?

You follow these four steps:

1. Bring on the visual heat - you only have the blink of an eye to make a stirring first impression so make your visuals bold, bright, and appealing to your audience’s eyes. Don’t be afraid to go completely left field to create striking images that grab attention.

2. Open the mind of your audience - show them the solution you provide for them in quick and punchy imagery that instantly creates a need in their mind. Even the most obscure brands can create desire through the use of creative visual content.

3. Move them with emotion - knowing what makes your audience ticks and creating visual content that drives them to action is key. Emotions are the driving factors behind the most successful marketing campaigns.

4. Bag the client with a juicy offer - B.O.M.B. visual content drives home your solutions with a clear call to action that inspires your audience to movement, whether that be to buy, follow, share or subscribe.

Easy Peasy, right?

Why You Need Amazing Visual Content for Your Brand

You may already know the value of creating amazing visual content on platforms that are all about imagery such as Instagram or Pinterest, but visual content brings all types of information to life.

It’s important to have striking images on sales pages, blog posts, and informational pages. This will help to break up long blocks of text on a page, making the content more appealing. Images help to increase the interest on a page, retaining visitors for longer as they are motivated to continue scrolling down the page on their visual journey.

Images help to evoke emotion as your reader scans your sales page. Do you want them to feel happy? Sad? Scared? Angry or inspired? Images will help you to tell you your story and drive home your call to action, increasing the likelihood that your desired action will be taken.

Humans consume so much information on a daily basis that creating standout visual content for your business should be a top priority. Our brains have become wired to filter out the noise. You want your content to be elevated from the noise. Figuring out how to stand out from the crowd boils down to knowing your demographics and the type of content that appeals to them, then creating content yourself or with the help of a B.O.M.B.visual artist aligned with your brand vision and story.

Need help whipping your content into shape? CLICK HERE to ask me any question about branding or content creation!

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